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April 9, 2016

At this moment in time, you are familiar with the terms exercise, working out, body fitness, physical activity etc. And you visualize a picture of some people performing some sort of physical activities in a gym. Where they are engage in vigorous activities like lifting barbells or dumbbells. And probably you have seen in your past that how a personal trainer was measuring the strength of your muscular friend and educating him about nutrition guidelines. And in front of mirror you sighed to see your muscles are loose in your upper arms. And you’re afraid enough to be drenched with sweat. And you are frightened to spend $40 to $50 a month instead of spending almost $10 for a McDonald’s Happy Meal, perhaps just to know the answer to the question “What is happiness to you?”. Or probably you are not worried of illness or getting sick at all. Because medical insurance will take care of everything when somebody will undergo frightening cancer screening procedure. I am here to tell you simply some tips to take it easy. At the very beginning you should give some simple physical effort to keep yourself healthy and perhaps happy. You don’t need any of those expansive exercise equipment to keep yourself healthy.But if you select a Gym from the very beginning, it does worth doing so.

When to exercise and how long?

When to burn your calories stored in the form of fat in your body? Answer is anytime you prefer. It is suggested by the physical trainers at least 45 minutes to 1 hour a day, but as a beginner you free up only 30 minutes everyday to devote yourself to perform workouts. I assume you are so discouraged by me because you are bounded by an half an hour time limit. so spend 10 minutes if it makes you comfortable. And you give a gradual increment to this 10 minutes effort to be fit.

First Step To workout: Walking and running

First step you may take by running or at least walking. Go outside and  start walking or running. You start to sweat while you run indicates your body started to burn calories. Keep running and walking for 10 minutes. Then stop and do the same next day. Try to increase your time of running time slowly.

Jumping Jack:

Besides walking and running, you may try this very simple exercise. You stand in a position with your legs spread wide and your hands overhead with one another. Now bring back your feet together from the spread wide position while jumping, and now your hands are in spread position in left side and right side. Keep doing it repeatedly.

Jumping Jack with 3 Positions included.

Jumping Jack demonstrated in 3 Positions.

Wall pushups or Standing pushups

You stand in front of a wall and place your palms in the wall. Now make sure you are standing in your arm’s length from the wall. Now move your body towards the wall and get your body back to the standing straight position. repeat it for 10 minutes. You can do this even in the kitchen while boiling eggs or baking chocolate cakes and cookies.

Standing push-up or Wall-push-up demonstrated in 3 position

Standing push-up or Wall-push-up demonstrated in 3 position

Triceps Dip

Now go the park and find out where is the nearest bench. If you are too lazy to go outside get a chair and don’t have a sit on it. By keeping your hip away from it place your hands on the bench while bend your knees like in the image below. lift your backside upwards making your arms straight. Now bend your arms to lower down your body slowly. then lift your back upwards again. Do this exercise slowly and repeatedly.

Triceps Dip

Triceps Dip


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