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Healthy Checklist for a Healthy Person

October 23, 2017

A healthy life is a dream for all of us. And people think that they do not have that intention to live their life healthily. People now lead a very busy life. They do not have any time to care for them. And they do not get that chance to take care of them. That’s why, now they face the problem of obesity, type two diabetes, lunch problem, and many other health problems. That’s the reason, they find the healthier life to be a dream catcher life. This perception is for busy people. And some people think that a healthier life is for the person who does yoga or does exercise, and the healthy freak people. But they all should come out from the barrier that, all the health conscious people needs to be healthy. To live a long time, you need to lead a healthy life.

So, today we will learn some healthier tips, that would make our life a healthier one, as well as, it will make us a balanced way to live our life healthily.

1-Early to rise makes a man healthy

There is a saying that,

Early to bed and early to rise

makes a man healthy,  wealthy and wise.

So to be that wise and healthy person,  you need to wake up early in the morning and sleep early at night. A healthier person never delays in taking his nap properly. He tries to sleep at least 8 hours per day. And a healthier life chart says us to take a nap of total 8 hours daily. So we should practice to sleep early at night, and tries to wake up early. If we do so, our days will seem long, as well as, we will get the positive vibes to work freshly every day. If we take our sleep late at night and wakes up early, it will make our mind unmindful, as well as we can’t work properly because of lack of sleep. So it’s  for us to take the proper amount of sleep, to get a healthier life.

2-Lukewarm water

Your morning should be started with a glass of lukewarm water. This water will make you healthy from inside. As we came to know, water is called another name of life. So, water will be needed for us from the very time of our life. And a lukewarm water will break the fat level of the body. And if we maintain this system of taking warm water, it will keep us healthy from inside. And will give us the enthusiasm to work better and harder for the rest of the time.

3-Honey will work better

Honey seems to a medicine from a long time. People used to use this medicine, for various purposes. And a healthy life needs the scent of honey every day. Sugar is an external sweetener for us. People became the victim of obesity because of this sweetener. And we can’t see this dangerous weapon, that is finishing our life. So, we need to find some natural way for the sweetener. And honey works best here. It gives us the sweetest taste that we always wanted. So the natural way keeps us separated from extra sweetness, that is causing harm to us. So honey leads us to a healthier life.

4-An Apple keeps a doctor away

It’s actually a says, but works the best of them all. Not like other says, it shows it’s true color. That is, it works best for them all. An apple contains vitamin, mineral as well as water level. An apple contains so many healthy things in itself that it’s called to be a complete food. So, only this compliment makes us feel a positive vibe about this fruit. So we need to take an apple daily to get a life which is healthy.

5-Fruits are your best friend

Only various types of fruits can give you a healthy life. Yes, you are hearing me right. Fruits are the main source of vitamins, minerals, acids, fats, sweeteners, and so on.Various kinds of fruits contain various types of vitamins. Every type of fruits gives us different kinds of vitamins. It gives us a healthier check on health also. So, we need to take different kinds of fruits. And obviously, one fruit daily. So that, this routine will keep a balance in our body. So, we can see that fruits are the main door to get a healthier life.

7-Exercise is a must

You need to take exercise regularly. This will make your body work properly. Because the limbs of our body feel dizzy or work less due to continuous work. Or perhaps, not for working at all. So you need to take a walk regularly at least for 45 minutes per day. Because due to a walk, all our limbs will start working together. And it makes the limbs to work properly. Sometimes you may feel that your limbs are jammed between each other. They are not working at all. So this regular walk will make them move. And the joints of our body will start working. So you need to do a walk regularly, because of this situation. And yes, this is also a staircase for a healthy life.

8- Use stairs instead of lift

Yes, you will say now that, you are exhausted after a long-scheduled work. But my friend, if you want to live a more time in this beautiful world, then you obviously need to make your bodywork.

If you think that, you will hold a can of Pepsi, and a burger in another hand and this two things will make your life easier, then you are living in a wrong perception. Yes, this food will make you lazy, as well as worthless than a drum, who is all empty. So, I’m not your enemy for food, I’m just trying to say is, walk down to your stairs. This habit will make you live longer, probably 2 years more, in this world.

9-Think of the green vegs

Probably you will not find this point much friendly. Yes, I know, you don’t want to have vegetables. But if you want a healthy life, you need to take green vegs daily. And I repeat, daily. This vegetable will remove the bad cholesterol from your body. The bad cholesterols that are living in your body, due to junk foods, that will all disappear in front of vegetables. So your health needs the punch of green as well as colorful vegetables in your body and health.

10-Green leafy vegetables and seeds

Seeds are such that, they contain the mostly good things than all other foods. They work better than the food supplement also. The seeds itself, call them a complete vegetable itself. And the green leafy vegetables contain the most pungent taste, as well as the most healthy nutrition in.itself. Green leaves contain Vitamin A. Which is the most needed vitamin among all. So you need to have green leafy vegetables for your body itself.

11- Nuts are your friend

Nuts like almonds, peanuts, are the most known in the nut world. Almond is widely known for its taste, as well as it’s nutrition. People use Almonds for sharper brains. And it’s oil for stronger hair. Peanuts are the source of strength. It’s been said that taking 15-20 nuts regularly will keep you aloof from skin problems. Skins are our part and parcel of our body. And a healthier life’s shadow is displayed through his /her skin. So you need to take nuts regularly.

10-Green tea and black coffee

Sounds tasteless, no? But trust me, if you are health conscious you need to take one cup daily. And trust me, all your health problems will vanish. Green tea works best for cholesterol control. It has an element in.itself that will fight against all your health problem. This green tea is good for caught and cold. If you take a cup of green tea with ginger, your caugh will vanish quickly. And black coffee works for fat cutting scissor. If you are not trusting me, then take a cup regularly for 1 week. You will feel the change in your own self. It works faster than any other medicine. So try this habit of taking green tea or black coffee.

11-Tea without sugar and milk

Many of us are addicted to tea. It’s for our evening snack. But a cup of tea with milk and sugar is not good for our health. So you need to take tea, without sugar and milk. If it’s not possible, then try to take once in a week. This practice will lead you to the goal of a healthy life.

12-Ditch the salt

High blood pressure is the salt only. It may cause you hypertension. not only that, it will give you extra body fat. So use cutting down your salt from your food. If you can’t do this instead, then try to take a meal daily. And if this is also not possible, then try to do this once in a week. Certainly, you will feel that you are feeling much lighter than earlier. Thank me later.

13-Add spice and herbs to your life

You may add herbs and various types of spices to your food. And try to make your meal at home. Instead of extra sauce to your food, you can add cinnamon, cardamon to your food. Or you can add black pepper, without adding extra spice sauce to your food. This sauce will lead you to the destruction of your body. Use ginger for the spicy flavor to your food. And the other spices such as paprika, oregano, thyme, basil for the herbal taste to your food. The most famous Asian spice, known as garam masala, will give your taste bite a twist to food. So why to worry, just go and bring all those magical spices to your home.

14-Cook your meal by yourself

This is one of the most important tips for a healthy life. If you try to cook your meal by yourself, you may get the touch of food. And could keep you aloof from the junk food. Sometimes you may feel that those foods are the heavenly ones. And try not to cook for you. It’s like an excuse for cooking at home. So you need to leave this excuse, for your healthy life. So try to cook at home, this practice could make you a great chef.

15-Do not over seat

It is the most deadly weapon that is finishing us day by day. Yes, it’s killing us. And it is obviously not good for our health. As we became busy, and don’t have time to do the activity work with our work life, so it’s been a burden for us that sitting work. You need to stretch your body at least once in a day. Because stretching helps you for better digestion. So see? this exercise works for your healthy body.

16-Go out for a walk

Don’t you feel bored staying at your home all day? or an office? Please try to go out for a walk with your oneself, or your puppy. Just don’t sit at home. That’s the only remedy for your mind and health. Your mind will remain fresh due to fresh air, or talk and meeting new people around. Your mind also needs some refreshment for such hectic lives. And your mind needs fresh talking rather than social media. So try to step out of your house, to meet people rather than virtual life to real life. This works as a herbal.medicine for your mental health.

17-Yoga will show you path

It is the complete solution for your health and mind. Do not worry about the outer world. Yoga from inside will keep you calm. It will help your body to shape it down. Yes without working out at the gym, yoga gives you a perfect shape to your body. At first, it may not seem easy or enjoyable t you. But whenever you get the result, you will fall in love with yoga. So try this at home. Or you may take the help of youtube, or Internet. Yoga will seem preferable to you then.

18-Work for your own

You may have a hobby, right?  But with the flow of time, it may fade down due to the pressure of your work, or you may have lost interest there. Try to regain your interest or hobby. This works like a magic. This magic will flow all your stress. And believe me, your all-day hazardous life will end in a second. Your hobby may be gardening, photography, ticket collecting, fishing, gaming, stamp collecting. Or maybe it’s simply shopping. So don’t waste your time in thinking about the negativity of your life. Work for your brighter future. And your hobby will leave you to that level. So try to make sense, try to believe in your oneself. And look how beautiful the world seems to you.

19-Keep the negativism aside

Our life becomes very hectic now-a-days. If we try also, we can’t come out from this life. We need to settle down with this life. But not with the negativism. We need to get a world out of negativity from our inside. Negative thoughts are the main cause of our destruction today. Our young generation, due to depression, takes the help of nicotic things. They now are addicted to drugs, shisha or many other things. All these things are responsible for the depression of our generation. Not only this generation, pressure of office, or other sector leaves us down. So we need to keep us aloof from those negativity. And this thing can be done only by says positive words. Positive vibes will only come, when we try to convince ourselves that, we can do the positive things. And this will help us to regain our confidence.

20-Be social

Here social doesn’t mean to be virtually social. You need to be social with your family members. You need to talk nicely with your family, friends, and neighbors. It’s not like, you need to talk with them outside. You can meet new people at the park, gym or any other area. So be nice to them.

21-Take a good sleep

A man roundly needs to sleep 8-9 hours per day. Or mayo bet more than that. But it’s a blessing for everyone. Try to sleep soundly. If you can’t, then go to your doctor. Or our nature gives a remedy for this. Take a cup of hot milk before sleep. You will get a heavenly sleep without fighting with your negative minds.

22-Try to do newer things

Our health feels bored in everyday work. You need to try newer things, for the betterment of your own health. Our health and mind need

entertainment. And newer stuff will give your mind a proper change from this regular life boredom. Our life becomes the slave of our daily life activity. To give it a twist, we must do newer stuff. We can try new dishes for cooking or can go for a wildlife adventures tour. You can also try bungee jump for the newer taste of life. All these things will give you the taste of regaining your life. So try one of these things, to live your life to the fullest.

23-Smile with a little

You may not be a millionaire or billionaire. Or you may be the happiest people live on this earth.Because the people may not have that happiest moment that you lived with your family, or with your loved one. Because they missed that moment because of earnings more and more wealth. So try to live happily with what you have. Because the person may not have the same. Sometimes it feels to us that, the other side of the fence is much greener than this side. But we are wrong here. It may not be the same always.  Minimalistic life could give you the best days of your life. So try to enjoy the minimalist life. Because peace prevails here.

24- Try to spend time with your own

Everyone needs the time to know thyself. Because with this busy schedule of our life, we forget that we do have a life of our own. We need to smile, we need to take care of ourselves. But this schedule is such that, we can’t come out from this. So we need to give ourselves some time. And we need to spend the time lonely and only with our oneself. No one could have the acceptance to come then. This meeting with ourselves will try to find a new me. We can get the chance to know us. And can do a lot more things with us. It gives us a positive vibe in our life. So it’s like a medicine to come close to us.

25-Come close to nature

Nature has a positive vibe in itself. It has all the solutions to their problem. So we need to surrender ourselves to nature. Nature has itself a strong power to divert our mind. And our mind is just a slave of nature. The time it surrenders to nature, that time it will take teachings from nature. So we need to give our body, the chance to regain us. The chance to purify us, from the scents of nature. So try to surrender yourself to nature.

We tried to show you the healthiest ways for living your life. If you want a life, hazard free and mountainous, then try to follow these rules. They will surely lead you to a healthier life. And another thing. Try to smile every day. Your smile is a great power for you and for your loved one also. So try to sell the happiness around you. Only these happiness will give you a peaceful and healthier life that you cherished for. Keep happy and keep healthy. All the best for your upcoming life.


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10. Watch calcium and vitamin D: calcium and vitamin D are essential for bone development. You can get these from non-fat dairy products and supplements.

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