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Effect of Poor Nutrition on Child Development

October 31, 2016

poor nutrition

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Who doesn’t like to cuddle a chubby cheeked cutie pie? It’s like heaven when they smile at you and try to play with their little hands. You can find inner peace when you look at them, and they are the future of a nation.

If you look at the good looking baby suffering from the physical and mental problem, it’ll make your mood off! This mainly causes due to poor nutrition. So Parents need to be more aware of the impact of poor nutrition on child development.

Mental growth

mental development, poor nutrition

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Poor nutrition affects the mental growth of children. Their mental development slows down. Though the parents didn’t pay attention so much, the symptom like- slow learning, delayed speech, etc. made them anxious and aware of their food habit.
From the study and analysis, Dr. Lawrence Wilson from the Center for Development identified that degradation of the emotional issues like- bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, hyperactivity are the result of nutritional imbalance.
From another study, it has also been found that calcium deficiency, iodine deficiency, skipping the meal and again overeating of the sugary food affect the mental development.


obesity, poor nutrition

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This is a very common issue nowadays. Poor nutrition is one of the leading cause of obesity. Due to easy availability of sweets, chips, colas and other junk foods, the parents prefer to provide them these sort of foods to avoid boring chores like making the meal. So this poor diet of much fat and sugary food result in obesity. Once this food habit is formed the children try to perpetuate them and bring their life to danger.

According to Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion, the consequence of the obesity is diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and other long-term psychosocial problems that are difficult to recover.

Short growth

Poor nutrition causes the short growth of the body. Though you can ensure the height of your child, still complexities occur in the development of body organs like- liver, kidney, etc. again appetite doesn’t grow along with the age

Failure in education

failure in education, poor nutrition

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Poor nutrition results in getting low grades in the school. The child needs to repeat grade consistently. When your kids lack vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, they become lethargic easily and thrive to failure. According to the survey of the National Health and Nutrition Examination, children with poor diet miss school most of the days and result in failure in the class. The World Bank also stated that there is a close relationship between poor nutrition and low IQ level.
So in the long run, your child suffers from depression and fail to grow both academically and socially.

Hair fall and skin disease

hair fall, poor nutrition

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Due to poor diet hair falls, dandruff problem and graying of the hair become acute.
Some even suffer from baldness due to poor diet.
Regarding skin problem, rashes, blister, itching and sensitive skin, all occur due to nutrition problem.

Immune system

Children who lack nutritional diet have the low level of immunity. Malnutrition makes them more susceptible to infectious diseases. Their body become low resistant to diseases, and at the same time, it takes lots of time to recover from illness. The places where there are poor sanitary practices, children fall prey to diseases from other children. As a result, the disease becomes an epidemic in that particular area.

Bones problem

broken bone. poor nutrition

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Due to calcium deficiency, the child faces aches and pain in bones. The bones become brittle and lack sturdiness. Due to the lack of vitamin B, leg pains, weakness and frequent fractures of the bones occur which make them impossible to lead a normal and healthy life.

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